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Your own personalised news programme

The Abilion software uses RRS feeds of select top news source to provide you with bite size news bites that can keep you up to date with what is going on. You can then tailor the tool to fit you actual requirements, removing bad sources and adding news source and all this completely for FREE.

Why choose Abilon?

  • Update scheduler
    You can specify an update scheduler for the RSS feeds in order to automate your work.
  • Actions
    You can perform some actions on the information you get. You can save it to a file and run any external program if you want to further process the received data.
  • Memories
    You can select interesting information from the feeds and store it in "Memories". You can organize the stored data for a more easy access to it.
  • RSS and Atom Support
    Abilon supports RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, ATOM 0.3. You can save the list of subscribed RSS feeds to an OPML file or conversely you can load a list of feeds from an OPML file.
  • Built-in Browser
    You don't need to leave Abilon in order to read the articles you have just downloaded. Abilon has a built-in tabbed browser with some unique and useful features.
  • Blogging support
    Abilon has a built-in blogging tool, very easy to use.
  • Archiving
  • Rich base columns set
    You can start using Abilon right away. Abilon comes with dozens of pre-configured popular feeds.
Get it now! (pc only)

Find the news which matters to you

Hi, welcome to! Here you can download and use for absolutely FREE the Abilon news aggregator. Allow us to tell you a little about it.

An aggregator works using RSS feeds. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", and that is exactly what it does; it feeds across information from your chosen sources so that you can quickly and easily get the information that you are looking for.

So what does a news aggregator do? Well it specifically is set up and designed so that it collects and feeds the news that you want, to your chosen destination. For most people, this means their computer.

The Abilon news aggregator, is not just a simple feed collection machine. No, it offers so much more than this. It includes an automatically run updating scheduler that will (at your chosen intervals) update all your chosen RSS feeds. It can process the data once you have received it, this could take almost any form from saving it to file, to uploading it and running an external program for you. Further more, there is a memory function that is a little like bookmarking. You can basically "save" any data that you find particularly interesting or useful to yourself.

Included in the software is a built in browser. The built in browser allows you to read online information from the same area, without having to switch across to your standard browser. For those of you who blog, it also has a blogging tool. This is particularly useful, as many people who are users of Abilon do so in order to help inform their latest blog articles or as source material for their website. The tool means that you can again quickly and easily access your blog without once having to leave the Abilon interface.

Interested? Why not download the Abilon software right now. It is completely FREE to download and use, and for those of you new to news aggregation, included in the download are some pre configured feeds already set up so that you can see instantly how it works, and hopefully even get some interesting information right away!

From big to small - we aggregate

Many people have been asking us if our news can be integrated with the big news site such as the Guardian and the Evening Standard. The answer is yes, of course it can. Here at Abilon, our Software not only gathers data and news from the niche information sites, it goes both smaller and bigger than that. It also drops to being able to deliver the news from the smallest and least well know news site right through and up to the biggest and most sydicated sites such as the Metro! So if you are looking for a good bit of software to deliver the news straight to your computer - look no further. Just hit the download button now.

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